We work hard every day to help growth of individuals and projects, helping to achieve fulfilling professional lives plus satisfying earnings.

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We strongly believe in human relationships, which is why we take time to have a pre-meeting with people who we are working with.

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We focus on a uniqueness of a merge of individuality and business, where we combine our extensive knowledge within fields of project management, startups, finance and 10 years of personal development.

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We invite you to think differently.

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Business development

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”  (Peter Drucker) Looking to start a business but not sure if your business idea is viable? We provide startup business advice sessions suited for individuals looking to start a business as well as for existing businesses seeking advice. During our […]

Consultancy services

We offer a deep, broad understanding of business and IT, and an experienced perspective when it comes to culture, soft skills and people. We build strong relationships and develop an intimate understanding of each customer’s needs and its one of our core values. We always strive to make the best possible match between your company, […]

Business Coaching

Get dedicated support from our coaches – who are expertly trained in strategies to create growth, maximize unreached potential and develop methods for personal and business development. We first meet with you 1:1 to identify your unique goals, barriers, needs and vision as the business owner or a professional. We then build a customized workshop […]


M -Consult is an independent consulting company with headquarters in Aarhus. In addition, we have partners in Asia, Spain, US and Lithuania. The company has existed since 1999 and was founded by Martin Poulsen. Martin Poulsen has more than 14 years experience within Senior Project Management, Business consultancy and product development in organizations such as […]